3D Driving-School Europe Edition 5.1 Multilang

3D Driving-School Europe Edition 5.1 Multilang - 144MB
You want to make your driver's licence and save time and money? Why not exercising with a simulator anyway! Get familiar with everyday traffic conditions without risking damages and tickets. Or simply enjoy the breathtaking 3D worlds of 3D Driving-School.

The 3D Driving-School gives you the possibility of practicing driving a car in 3D cities virtually. You "sit" in the car cockpit, "go" through the simulated world in real time. There you must observe all traffic regulations of course.

According to instruction of the virtual driving instructor you go specific problem situations as learner driver. Pay attention to everything which is important also in case of the "real" exercise journey: the right speed, signalling and braking, the look into the mirror or over your shoulder, attention of the signs etc. Navigation is carried out via keyboard and mouse or optional over steering wheel. After ending an exercise round there is a list, which faults you have made. Statistics give information about the individual weaknesses that you can exercise them specifically.

a) Practical experience with different traffic situations to attainment the national driver's license:
• A traffic training ground for getting to know the vehicle.
• The small town Gobesdorf in which you can practice all base skills of driving a car step by step.
• Simulation of a part of Berlin. All situations happen mixed and must be tested at a higher traffic density.
• A secondary road for the obligatory cross-country trip. You drive over the villages of sea mountain and St. Jakob and reach Gobesdorf or can go to Ghent about the Belgian border.
• Large motorway in Germany and France with motorway intersections. The cities of Gobesdorf, Berlin, Madrid and London are connected to each other over this motorway and can be reached independenty.

b) After 14 exercises you can already pass your national driving test. Furthermore you also have the possibility of expanding your training into other European countries:
• Driving on the left in London. Another three exercises to practise driving on the left. The special flashing rules and new road signs require your whole knowledge. Choose a vehicle with steering position on the right.
• Defensive training in Paris - you don't let yourself be provoked by our traffic-rowdies.
• For experts a longer route through the historical Ghent in Belgium. Traffic rules are considerably different from Germany here.
• A night journey through virtual Madrid. You prepare yourself with narrow one-way streets and tricky situations for the holiday in Spain.

c) Police patrol game: Scene of the crime Ghent:
• Standing finally on the "other side": You may drive patrol in Gent. Three police vehicles with siren and navigation system are for 15 chases at your disposal. Frst collect bonus points for a good driving. Then you establish contact with our police helicopter at navigation system switched on. Follow its order to go into action and stop the escaping vehicles.

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